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The process of creating a website is one of the most complex possible.

You need:

You can turn to us both for one of the necessary pieces in your puzzle or for all of them. You choose.

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Take the next step towards an exceptional online presence

What does the website development process involve?

You can turn to us both for one of the necessary pieces in your puzzle or for all of them.
You choose.

Complete building process

Because we have a complete website building process, tested and validated over over 5 years.

Conversions and design

Because we build sites that convert. They are built primarily for conversion.


Because over 100 sites have been created for our customers, fully functional and created from scratch.


Because we offer consultancy throughout the process and take over all the necessary tasks in building the website.

Full portfolio

Because we have a complete portfolio, both with large sites with hundreds of pages and with small presentation sites.

Site migration

Because we can make a site migration without affecting the users who visit the site or SEO aspects

Site migration

Because we can make a site migration without affecting the users who visit the site or aspects related to SEO (which is very difficult by the way)


Because we are not in a hurry to start, leaving enough time for planning. Most sites get extremely long or are a failure due to hurried planning.

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Vrei un nou Website?

Take the next step for an exceptional online presence. Let's create together a site that offers the desired results.

The steps we take to create a professional website

1. Marketing Strategy

The first thing with which the process of creating a website begins is to understand the business and figure out what is wanted with this new website.  

We do NOT make sites that just look good. We make websites that meet business goals... in short, converting traffic into leads or customers + will also look good. 

The website you will have is important to become the best salesperson in the company. This step is an advisory process in which we come up with our expertise and propose variants in which the site meets the objectives of the business.

2. Planning

Once we understand the business and have the Marketing strategy, we create the complete menu and structure of the pages.

Then we create a timeline for the delivery of the site. On average, a standard website takes between 1 and 2 months, from the beginning of the project.

The planning process involves between 2 and 6 hours allocated, and between 1 and 3 meetings (live or online).

3. Design

We start by creating a sketch of the homepage in Adobe XD. Once the sketch is approved at design level, we start implementing the new Website.

4. Creation of technical infrastructure

First we put in place the technical infrastructure of the website. It will be created on a subdomain of ours and progress can be seen at any time. The site will have behind it an infrastructure of WordPress, the most used CMS (Content Management System) worldwide at the moment.
After you install WordPress, all the modules through which we create websites are installed:

After you install WordPress, all the modules through which we create websites are installed:

In order to build head-to-tail all the necessary texts for the website, we go through the following steps:

When we write the texts for the website we have 2 purposes, namely: to provide the person with all the information necessary for him to convert and include the keywords for the page to be optimized for Google.

If you want to write the texts for the website yourself, subtract 500 euros from the website package... but we do not recommend this because, very rarely, an internal person has the necessary experience, both for the conversion part and for the SEO.

6. Implementation of pages

The page-by-page site is built in Elementor, based on the agreed design and the proposed text. IMPORTANT: We do NOT buy a standard theme that loads the site a lot and then only minimally modify the pages. We build everything from 0 so that the site is 100% customized to the needs you have. This means that we devote more time to building everything, but it will be unique and very stable.

7. Mobile design

After building the desktop pages, they are edited, 1 by 1, for the mobile version. The site will be Responsive from the start, but even so, there is a need to make manual edits for the mobile version.

It is easier to adapt from desktop to mobile, than vice versa. If you want to create the mobile version first and then the desktop one, there are other (higher) rates.


One of the most important sources of traffic are search engines. It is important that when people do a google search (on a keyword of your website) they find you on the first page, ideally as high as possible. For this to happen, you need to "tell" Google that you are relevant and which page to show you on that search.
What does the onsite SEO part include:

9. Feedback + website moving + final verification

Once the site is complete, a ping-pong follows (hopefully we very little if the planning work was well done) on the changes to the site. Here we are talking more about small changes, not about essential aspects of structure type.

Then we move the website from our subdomain to the domain where it is going to stay. After moving, each page and each element is checked so that we make sure that everything is 100% functional.

We recommend that you do the same in the last phase (to check each page and each element). There may still be elements that need to be changed, and we can still do them in this phase.

10. Tracking

Once moved, your site will be added tracking codes for Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics.

At the same time, we will also enroll the site in the Google Search Console to check for SEO errors in the website.

11. Video Training

At the end, you will have access to a series of video courses, recorded by us, in which to discover how to use and configure your own website. If you want to take care of it by yourself, we offer you 2 hours of training (video recorded) in which to discover how you can do it.

12. Warranty

After the move, the site enters a 30-day WARRANTY period. This means that within 30 days we can intervene to fix what is needed, of course if different errors occur. This period enters the site's tariff.

After the 30-day period, a maintenance subscription is required or the intervention is paid (if applicable) based on an hourly fee. If changes are requested even during the 30 days of warranty it is paid extra. The warranty is only to be 100% sure that everything is functional.

Marketing Deck - Web Design Portfolio

Here are some of the sites that we have built since 0 or that we have made a redesign. 

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Mind Architect
Best Nuts
Treevi Pizza Al Taglio
Nusco - City
Keller Williams
Romanian Farmers Club
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