Come to the Marketing Internship: "Meta AdVenture"

An internship where you will really learn about the basics of social media advertising: Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram), from real examples and where you can kick-start your career in the world of online marketing.

Registration for the 2024 Marketing Internship: "Meta AdVentrure" has closed!

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Good. And who are we?

If you haven’t heard of Marketing Deck yet, we’re a digital marketing agency founded out of a passion for social media. We like to think we’re little superheroes that help customers and businesses find themselves more easily.

We have a team of 13 people, very committed. 11 of the 13 people are former or current students of the Faculty of Marketing at ASE. For each of us, the experience we’ve gained has been a springboard to our careers.

We are guided by 5 simple principles: Efficiency, Quality, Flexibility, Communication, Fun.

What will you learn?

During your internship, you will participate in various learning sessions. You'll apply what you learn to real clients.
We will meet at our office in Calea Victoriei, get to know each other and present the internship program. You will work on one of our clients together with one of the mentors from the internship program "Meta AdVenture" and you will research the client and what should be done better + a Meta Ads campaign strategy to implement your ideas.
Business Manager | Meta
In this session you will gain new information about the Meta platform and everything that goes on behind the scenes. You'll see what settings to make before launching a social media campaign and what each asset means.
Business Manager | Meta
Audiences & Funneling
You'll discover and understand one of the most important components in a Meta Ads campaign: setting audiences into the campaign and building an audience qualification funnel.
Audiences & Funneling
Research & Customer insight
You will learn about different copywriting structures and how you can adapt them to a sales communication. The most important aspect when building a communication strategy for a Meta Ads campaign, is to know the client, the way of communication, the brand line and the market in which the client operates.
Research & Customer insight
Meta Ads campaign structures
In this session you will learn about campaign types and how they can be applied in your funneling strategy. We go straight "into the bread and butter" and you'll see how each campaign type is set and what each setting means.
Meta Ads campaign structures
Campaign strategy implementation / optimization
You will set up a 1-on-1 meeting with the mentor in charge of the project you are working on in this internship and implement together the campaign strategy you have built.
Campaign strategy implementation / optimization
Campaign analysis and optimizations
As we can't rely on whether a visual looks good or not, we'll use the analytics in the campaign to make the necessary optimizations to bring results at the lowest possible cost. You'll learn what you need to analyse, depending on the campaign, in order to make a decision on how to optimise it. Quick Disclosure: we will use the 4-step strategy 😂
Campaign analysis and optimizations
End of the Internship
We put it all together and see what we have learned throughout the internship. You'll get feedback for what you've built up & settle in with signing the internship documents.
End of the Internship

For undergraduate students:

Sessions will take place 2 days a week from 09:00 - 18:00 for one month. We can be flexible with the timetable as long as 84 h of practice is accumulated.

For Master students:

Sessions will take place 2 days a week from 09:00 to 18:00 for two months. We can be flexible with the timetable as long as 280 hours of practice are accumulated.

Attention! You will work on real clients.

That's why your seriousness is absolutely necessary and it's important to know that if we like your work, it will be used and delivered to customers.

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From student to successful entrepreneur

I am Paul Ardeleanu, founder of the agency Marketing Deck and graduate of the Faculty of Marketing of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies in 2013.

Over the years, I went from being an employee (in a major training company in Romania, Soares Consulting) to an entrepreneur of a training company and now I run Marketing Agency, Marketing Deck.

The year 2023 brought us 1st place on Clutch in Romaniain most of the Marketing categories: Social Media, Advertising, PPC, Digital Marketing… and this is where we want to stay.

Our goal for 2024 is to constantly improve our skills and help our clients’ businesses through marketing done with 🧠 and ❤️.

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From trainee to CEO

I am Cătălin Costea, CEO Marketing Deck and graduate of the Faculty of Marketing of the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, class of 2020.

I’ve been employed at Marketing Deck for 5 years, since my internship. And now I am a partner in this business, together with Paul Ardeleanu.
I was looking for an internship where I could learn about actual marketing and its application. The big surprise was that I really enjoyed what I was doing because practice is not the same as theory… although it is “cock of the mill”, I still couldn’t believe it.

I’m a non-conformist, I “hunt” both professional and personal development… but no nonsense – just what works for me (follow your gut ✌️), I love abstract art 🥰 and anytime you need a helping hand… I have two available. 🙌

Hristina Burduhos MKD
Hristina Burduhos
Sebastian Ciobanasu MKD
Sebastian Ciobanașu
Alina Dobra MKD 1
Alina Dobra
Luiza 1
Luiza Lăduncă
Raluca Timpau MKD
Raluca Țîmpău
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How you need to be the one who wants to do your internship with us:

What do you need?


to work from


to work and learn


on collaboration and tasks

What will the selection process be?

Fill in form

The first step you need to complete is to upload a short message of why you want to apply for the internship and a CV in the form below. You can apply until 25 February (inclusive). CVs uploaded after this date will not be considered.

Practical testing

From 26 February to 1 March we will ask you to solve an admissions assignment. What will the assignment consist of? You will have to do a marketing analysis on a campaign that inspires you, to see if you have a small marketing background and if you fit in our team. See the assignment requirements !

Receiving the reply

From 04 - 08 March we will send you emails if you have been accepted or rejected. Each participant will receive a reply from us. In total we will accept a maximum of 10 participants for the traineeship. If you are accepted, we look forward to meeting you on Monday: 11 March for the first traineeship session. More details will be given in the acceptance email.

Admissions Theme

Analyse a marketing campaign of a brand that inspires you. In your paper you will need to touch on and develop some topics of interest:


At the same time, please respect a few requirements:

Testimonials of past practitioners

Registration for the 2024 Marketing Internship: "Meta AdVenture" has closed!
COMING SOON! Stay tuned.