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Use Google Ads to drive relevant traffic to your site and increase sales.
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Did you know that in Romania there are over 10 million Google searches daily? Google is an extremely important business engine and your responsibility is to be at the top of the results of these searches.

Google Ads has changed over time

You need a well-optimized campaign that targets the keywords relevant to your business and sends traffic to a conversion-oriented landing page.

Beneficiază de un Audit

If you tried with a Google Ads specialist and it didn't work, you can ask us for an audit. In over 90% of cases we find that things were done inappropriately.

Experience with a google ads agency

Why choose a Pay Per Click Agency?

Experience on Google Ads

Because we have over 4 years of experience on Google Ads. In addition to this, we are also Google partners.

Multiple vertical experience

We have experience on multiple verticals (ecommerce, lead generation and local businesses)

Experience across multiple industries

We do best in the following areas: Education for children, HoReCa, Ecommerce, B2B services. That doesn't mean we're limited to just these, it's just that we master those best.


We have a dedicated, internal team that handles the set-up and optimization of campaigns, DAILY.


Over time we have run over 500.00 Euros in ads on Google Ads, and this amount increases from month to month.

What does the Google Ads package include?

1. Set-up
In the early days, we're focused on setting up your ad account. This involves:

2. Optimization

After the initial part we move the focus to:

Marketing Deck - Google Ads Partner

First of all, I want you to know that we are a Google Ads partner agency. That means that several of our colleagues have achieved all the necessary certifications and we have spent a significant budget on Google ads

The fee we charge is a monthly fee and does not include the ad budget paid directly to Google. It is the healthiest thing for the 2 to be separated.

Social Media Marketing

Take the next step towards exceptional results online
Google Ads Case Studies - Google Ads Agency

Auto parts service and shop

At the beginning of 2020 we started the collaboration with an Auto Service and Auto Parts Store of the same owner. The main objective was to increase the sales of the parts store, and the secondary one to attract as many customers as possible to the car service.

On the Service area things were at least excellent because it managed to attract over 1300 leads (mainly phone calls) at an average cost per lead of less than 14 lei / call.

Maybe you'll say: but 50 ron / day is too small a budget... why didn't you use a bigger budget? We would have liked to allocate a larger budget, but the service was full even on this budget.

On the product area, we managed to constantly bring through the Shopping Ads campaign a conversion value / cost of over 10. What does that mean? It means that for any leu spent on advertising, over 10 lei were obtained in sales.

Brands that trust us

Here you can find only a part of our portfolio of customers, brands with which we have been collaborating for a long time.
Bebe Tei
Mind Architect
Best Nuts
Treevi Pizza Al Taglio
Nusco - City
Keller Williams
Romanian Farmers Club
Customer testimonials

We love our customers and they love us.

Here's what our customers say about working with us:

Awards and accolades
Our efforts are often recognized nationally, but also internationally
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The online presence is no longer a fad, but becomes a mandatory of every brand. Do it right!

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