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Restaurant Chain

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Franchises Consultancy

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Speech Therapy Clinics

Priority Clinic

Priority Clinic

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"The fact that they are very responsive to everything we want and have excellent communication skills make them the best choice when you need social media and digital strategy."

– Alexandru Croitoru, CEO Soft State Technologies (review offered on Clutch)

Why Should You Choose An Online Marketing Agency?

Complete marketing services

Although we specialize in the area of Social Media, we have a team with full skills that extends outside the social sphere. Our skills allow us to be able to take over an entire Marketing department.

Google Partner Agency

We are Google Partner, a partnership that gives us quick access to Google support and the latest tools introduced by the platform.
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Our story

How did the Marketing Deck Agency come about?

Our story began in 2013, when I, Paul Ardeleanu, the founder of Marketing Deck, used Facebook Ads for the first time to promote the Public Speaking Seminars we were holding.

Facebook Ads was the main way I was getting 100 to 200 people to attend a live seminar with me, even though I was only 23 years old at the time.

paul ardeleanu
Opening of the Agency

Marketing Deck was born later in 2017 at the request of one of its training clients to also offer Facebook Ads services. This was the first service offered by online marketing agency Marketing Deck.

From those moments until now, we have had active ads for us or for our customers.

In 2019 we started the collaboration with the Spartan Restaurant Chain and later with other Franchise chains on different fields (HoReCa, Education for Children, Real Estate, ...).


The first year of the pandemic hit us hard, but it brought us closer together. The year 2020 became a year of ascension, where the team grew to 8 people and a few collaborators. At the same time we made it to the list of Top Digital Agencies on Clutch, the largest agency platform in the World (in the category of Online Marketing Agencies).

In 2021, the Marketing Deck team gathered a number of 12 passionate specialists and over 50 active customers.

The year 2022 brought us on the 1st place on Clutch in Romania, but this time on most categories in Marketing: Social Media, Advertising, PPC, Digital Marketing... and that's where we want to stay.

What we know how to do best

What services does a digital marketing agency offer you?

Social Media Marketing

We constantly and authentically communicate on Social Media channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok) to create relationship and trust with customers and potential customers.

Learn more about how we do social media marketing

Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

For over 8 years we have been creating Facebook ads and Instagram Ads campaigns to generate results, and we have been constantly monitoring them to generate a positive ROI (Return on investment).

Learn more about how we do Facebook & Instagram Ads

Google Ads

We put your business first in Google, getting relevant clicks and sales.

Learn more about how we do Google Ads

Web Design

Not just a site that looks good, but a site that sells... and look good.

Learn more about how we do Web Design

Marketing Consultancy

Your plan to double sales through online marketing channels.

Learn more about Marketing Consulting

Marketing Management

Look for a Marketing team with all the specializations you need... and now you've found it.

Learn more about how we do Marketing Management

Marketing Deck Team - digital marketing agency

The team that will take care of you

Our team includes 12 skilled people who do clever things for our customers. Here we present you only four of them:
paul ardeleanu
Paul Ardeleanu
Founder & CEO
Cătălin Costea - MKD (1)
Cătălin Costea
Account Manager
viorica dundeva marketing deck
Viorica Dundeva
Account Manager
elena ardeleanu marketing deck
Elena Ardeleanu
Financial Manager
19/06/2017 - 18/09/2023
<1 mil €
1 - 10 mil. €
>10 million eur
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Even if not all the time we get things out perfectly

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B2B Services

The values that define us:


We seek that whatever we do, no matter how small, we seek to do it as best we can. After all, excellence is a habit.


We take responsibility for everything we do and believe that it is primarily in our hands to generate results. 


We don't think we're the best at everything, but we recognize when we don't know something and are willing to learn. 

Take the next step for an exceptional online presence

The online presence is no longer a fad, but becomes a mandatory of every brand. Do it right!
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The figures speak for themselves:

Social Media Marketing Packages

We offer different social media packages that are in perfect harmony with your business and goals. Are you not determined? Contact us and make an appointment for a 30-minute Free Consulting session. 


12 posts / month
Manage a single platform
Create your content strategy
Set-up of the page
Create visuals and text for posts
Boost post (max. 150 euros / month)
Real time reporting


20 posts + 10 stories / month
Management of 2 platforms
Create your content strategy
Creating the avatars of the ideal customers
Set-up pages
Create visuals and text for posts
1 photo shoot & video / month
Community management (max. 5 hours / month)
Boost post (max. 250 euros / month)
Real time reporting


30 posts + 20 stories + 10 Reels/ month
Management of 3 platforms
Create your content strategy
Creating the avatars of the ideal customers
Creating the Marketing Strategy (Funnel type)
Set-up pages
2 photo sessions & video / month
Create visuals and text for posts
Community Management (max. 15 hours / month)
Business Consultancy (1 session / month)
Boost post (max. 500 euros / month)
Real time reporting

Brands that trust us

Here you can find only a part of our portfolio of customers, brands with which we have been collaborating for a long time.
Bebe Tei
Mind Architect
Best Nuts
Treevi Pizza Al Taglio
Nusco - City
Keller Williams
Romanian Farmers Club
Customer testimonials

We love our customers and they love us.

Here's what they say about working with us:

Awards and accolades

Our marketing strategies are often recognised nationally and internationally
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Top Rated Agency - 2021

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